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Dedicated to Providing the Best Staff for your needs.

In this world there is a lot of uncertainty and it is important to secure employment through agencies that can be counted on. Paramount Staffing Agency is a nurse owned agency that offers staffing solutions for the needs of the community and our health care professionals.

Job Seeker


Are you a healthcare professional? Are you looking for your next career?  Let Paramount Staffing Agency do the work for you!


We are searching for quality healthcare professional to join us to improve the lives of patients. Becoming a PSA healthcare professional provides access to rewarding opportunities in nearly every segment of the healthcare market: in the home, medical facilities, schools, corrections and more.



We understand that looking for quality staff is essential to your organization:


Hiring the right candidates can be challenging, especially with limited resources. That is where we come in. With our dedicated team, we help you through the process of finding the talent that fits your needs. We will locate skilled healthcare professionals determined to make a positive impact on your facility.

Let PSA Find The Right Person For Your Facilities


“Being able to develop a relationship with PSA has made this experience just so much better. They knew exactly what I wanted, what I don't want, and we work well together.”


Audrey Sellers


“I had a brief interaction with other recruiters, but it was Paramount Staffing Agency that rose to the top. They demonstrated a dedication that was very obvious from the first interaction.


Arthur Milton


“Absolutely the best place for a health care person to find work. Just an amazing group and am blessed to be a part of it.


Betty Taylor, RN


“I feel respected and valued for my contribution which makes an already rewarding job that much more satisfying!”


Ralph Pearlman, LVN

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